"Music has always been my diary,” says Jessie Clement. “I love taking the time to be introspective, and then to turn that introspection into honest poetry and melodies. In this day and age, there’s nothing I value more than being real.”


On her gorgeous new album, ‘Slow Motion Philosophies,’ Clement bares her heart like never before, chronicling the joy and wonder and heartbreak of her journey into adulthood with extraordinary insight and remarkable maturity. Written during a time of enormous transition, the record finds Clement living on her own for the first time, discovering a whole new world of freedom and responsibility as she gains a greater understanding of herself and her strength in the process. The resulting music is as infectious as it is heartfelt, blending singer/songwriter intimacy with vintage R&B grooves and a loose jazz swagger that’s all tied together with stunning, crystalline vocals. It might not be the sound you’d expect to hear from a quiet 22-year-old living in Murfreesboro, TN, but it’s 100% Jessie.

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Label \ CLMNT Incorporated 

Booking \Williams Entertainment